Magnetron / Magnet Bar Analysis for Sputtering Units

Rotating magnetrons or adjustable magnet bars within the sputtering process for float glass coating are measured and analyzed exactly with the M-Cat system. Defective magnetrons / magnet bars are identified early and reliably, the homogeneity of the layer thickness will be increased and a sputtering-through can be avoided.




on glass or silicon requires high quality standards. Even small fluctuations in thickness of the deposited layers can influence the layer properties considerably.


Float glass

for window and façade constructions can be subject to certain changes in color and transmission properties. Changes in the thickness of coatings of glass as a basis for solar cell production, can lead to asymmetries of the electrical properties.

Layer properties can be changed by the partial pressure of the sputtering gas or the magnetic field. Since changes in the gas composition affect the layer composition likewise, for adjustments of the layer thickness solely the control and modification of the magnetic field can be applied. The m-cat system characterizes tubular magnetrons with high precision, what allows the operator to control the magnetic components in sputtering units. Besides the exact measurement and analysis of the magnet configurations the m-cat provides help for adjustable magnetrons, regardless of the manufacturer. To ensure high reliability the magnetrons’ geometries (deflection) are determined.


The m-cat improves

  • the process reliability, since new magnetrons are subject to an incoming inspection to identify material defects
  • the homogeneity of the layer thickness, since adjustable magnetrons can be controlled and finished magnetrons can be easily combined
  • the life-time of the targets, since expensive targets can be prevented from sputtering-through


  • Determination of the entire shape of the magnetic field
  • Complete measurement within 1 minute
  • Geometry recognition with the maximum deflection of the magnetron
  • Possible length of 0.4 to 4.0 meters
  • Available for circular and plane cathode magnetrons
  • Rigid and soft magnetrons
  • Adjustable to the measurement task
  • Measurable with target (optional)
  • Target parameters available (diameter, deflection/bending)
  • High user- friendliness

Magnetic parameters

Magnetic field configuration: 33 channels (X,Y,Z) +/- 1%


Determination of the minimum and maximum magnetic field strength


Trimming function for trimmable magnetrons


Graphic visualization of the field profile  
Geometry of the magnetron (Location of the magnetic functioning part): +/- 0.1 mm  
Geometry of the target (diameter, deflection/bending): +/- 0.1 mm  
Software with life cycle management, various views and setup Options  
Save and export function for single sets of measurement in CSV format  

The m-cat system for the measurement of rotating magnetrons or adjustable magnet bars within the sputtering process for float glass coating can be adapted to customers' needs.

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