Tube Inspector for tube measurement

Automated measurement of tubular targets and magnetrons/magnetbars

The Tube Inspector is an automatic "tube measurement" system for the fast and precise determination of geometric parameters of tubular targets and magnetrons/magnetbars. The tube inspector is a special development for the analyzis of coated pipes and tubes (e.g. rotational targets) before and during the production process. It generates information about the quality of the process and lifetime of the measuring object. The tube inspector determines different parameters, such as the diameter, the ellipticity and the magnetic field.


tube-inspectorOptical diameter evaluation

Perfect glass coating processes also require high quality tubular targets and magnetrons/magnetbars. Other tube measurement techniques detect the properties of tubular targets (as diameter and elipticity) in most cases with low accuracy. The tube-inspector operates fast and reliable. This device identifies the target's geometries production-related, cable-free and automated. In addition, the magnetic field of the magnetic systems on the surface of the measuring object can be determined simultaneously. The data is stored securely on a SD card.



Technical features

Mechanical properties


Diameter: 130-170 mm


Weight: 10 kg


L/W/H: 52/62/41 cm


V: 0,1 m/s

Optical properties  

Sensor number: 6

Accuracy: +/- 0,5 mm

Magnetical properties  
22 Hall sensors: +/- 160 mT



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