Four of the later seven shareholders decide to form Matesy in late September of 2006. It is a rainy day at Jenas’ old town festival, when the idea of an innovation-driven company with core competency in magnetism was born. The firm could start its business activities in March of 2008 after thorough preparation and has yet just seen sunny days.



This year we are planning on intensifying our sales activities with the United States and China as well as on extending our network to Western Europe. We aspire close collaborations with different technology companies to expand our portfolio and create valuable synergies. Moving into the market for functional materials for magneto-optical, magnetoelectrical and optoelectrical materials is another important step in 2014.



International relations can be spread to Switzerland, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cooperations with the glass industry have been intensified. The new system Tube Inspector is able to measure consumption of tubular targets of sputtering plants for the life-cycle-management. The MagEye, another development in this year, is able to perform mobile visualizations of magnetic stray fields in high resolution. In addition it illustrates structures of magnetically soft materials. In the sectors of medical engineering and pharmaceutics we are running various studies on drug development. Moreover substantial achievements in marketing our measurement systems can be recorded. After five successful years the Matesy GmbH expands towards larger facilities. In September the new location will be the Schott campus of Jena.



A sales and distribution network is being set up with partners in the United States, China, India, Japan and South Korea. Further products can be added to our portfolio. For instance, with the M-Cat system properties of magnetrons (especially rotating magnetrons) are detected in detail.



New products are launched: Helmholtz Coils allow the generation and compensation of magnetic fields, with the MagTrack magnetic marked objects can be tracked in closed dynamic systems, and with the integration of the Shaft Twist Testers we move forward to the market of optical measurement systems. Due to the successful admission of our measurement system the Pharmagnetic® achieves a substantial upturn what allows us to run several studies on targeted drug release with major success. The development of both systems, 3D-Magma and MAARS, can be driven forward. Matesy becomes a member of the Innomag e.V. and the Association of Innovative Corporations (VIU e.V.). Through national and international exhibitions and publications our visibility has increased considerably.



The field of magneto-optics can be added to the Matesy portfolio. Both MagView and CMOS-MagView are being launched in their first versions. Further developing leads to significant improvement of the M-axis system. Matesy sets up new departments for consulting and material procurement and starts to offer contract measurements.



Due to an increasing number of potential clients Matesy can strengthen its efforts in the area of industrial applications. Along this line the first system is the M-axis for fast and precise characterization of permanent magnets. Further studies with partners of the sectors of medical engineering and pharmaceutics are being conducted. Besides the function diagnostics Matesy focuses more on the active drug release.



In March Dr.-Ing. Hendryk Richert and six other shareholders found the Matesy GmbH as a spin-off of the Innovent Technology Development in Jena. The primary business objective is the commercialization of the Innovent technologies in the areas of magnetism and optics. Especially the sections magnetic monitoring and magnetic field visualization are being focused on. For the upcoming five years Matesy will be located at the Technology and Innovation Park Jena. As part of the medical engineering and pharmaceutics the Pharmagnetic® becomes a major business activity. Goal is the establishment of the gastroenterological function diagnostics as special application of the magnetic monitoring. Simultaneously we work on industrial applications for the magnetic field visualization and the characterization of magnets.

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