Our product portfolio includes a variety of systems for:


  • Measurement, characterization, visualization, location, generation and control of magnetic fields and properties.


Magnet Measurement & Calibration

Characterization of permanent magnets (mag. mom., remanence, etc.), magnetic field generation and determination of the geometries and magnetic properties of tubular targets and magnetrons.

Magnetic Field Visualization

Our systems generate two-dimensional Images of magnetic fields directly at the sensor plane which can be used for various applications, such as: forensics, quality control and material characterization.

Magnet Tracking

Our developments allow the localization and tracking of magnets in three-dimensional space. Motion sequences in closed systems can be tracked in real-time with the magnetic monitoring system.


Twist Testing

The shaft twist tester allows the detection of twist structures on shafts with the help of optical diffraction.


Our sensitive magnetometers measure magnetic fields in various ranges. We offer magnetometers based on magneto-optical, magneto-resistive and fluxgate sensors.


Magneto-resistive, Hall, squid and magneto-optical sensors, premium magnets and YIG single crystals.


We also distribute and produce:

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