Magnetic measurement & calibration systems

Quality control of (permanent) magnets, magnetbars and rotors

With our technologies, magnets can be characterized, classified, detected and tracked in their structures and magnetic fields can be generated or compensated. Matesy also offers technologies for measuring and measuring magnetrons and magnetic bars for sputtering systems.


m-axis | Measurement of permanent magnets

m-axis - The measuring device for quality control and testing of the properties of magnets such as magnetic moment, remanence and magnetization angle

Helmholtz coil systems

With Helmholtz coils, magnetic fields can be compensated or homogeneously generated. In addition, permanent magnets can also be measured

m-cat | Measurement of magnet bars

Exact analysis and measurement of rotating magnetrons and adjustable magnet bars for sputtering systems for float glass coating


of magnets and magnetic fields

Automated measuring

in production enviroments

MHLS - Matesy Hall Line Sensor

The Matesy Hall Line Sensor, MHLS for short, is the latest pioneering innovation from Matesy GmbH Jena. The newly developed sensor is used for the high-precision, fast and large-area characterization of magnetic elements as well as entire assemblies.

3MTS | 3-axis handheld teslameter

he 3MTS is a portable 3-axis handheld teslameter for checking permanent magnets and magnet systems as well as for measuring magnetic fields

RMP | rotor quality control system

The RMP rotor measuring station is a universal measuring system for precise measurement and quality control of multi-pole permanent magnet rotors


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