Imaging and quality control of welding seams


In order to provide weldings with best functional characteristics a highly accurate and precise welding seam is neccesary. The quality of a welding seam is mostly definied by its homogeneity. This means that all kinds of distortions must be identified and qualified whether they influence the structural integrity of the welded piece or not. The task is to identify inhomogenities, caused by encapsulations of air for example and to check these spots for their relevance.


Kontrolle Laserschweißnaht (Vorderseite)
Kontrolle Laserschweißnaht (Rückseite)


While ultrasonic inspections are very time consuming as well as expensive, magneto-optical investigations are capable of generating a two dimensional cut through the magnetic field (either own field of the specimen or alternating external applied magnetic field) in real time. The result of the magneto-optical analysis is an real time image of the subsurfacial material characteristic for instant optical evaluation as well as for computerized processing and recording.



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