Visualize magnetic fields and measurement of the magnetic flux density

(Magnetic field viewer and measurement device)


The “Magnetic Field Camera" System cmos-magview is a high resolution magnetic field viewer and measurement device. It allows the visualization of magnetic structures and the determination of the flux density.



The cmos-magview is available in the versions S, L and XL


Visualization of magnetic fields

Various applications make use of magnetic fields. They allow the transfer of forces and moments, the positioning of sensors and contain information about the condition of the magnetic component. With the cmos-magview camera-device, the magnetic field can be viewed and measured two dimensionally in high resolution. Based on the high sensitivity and resolution the method visualizes the materials’ inhomogeneity, domains, grain structures and cracks.


Faulty ring magnet
Visualization of a ring encoder
Visualization of magnetic fields



The magnetic field camera cmos-magview can be used for quality control or incoming goods inspection. As basic laboratory equipment the instrument supports the development, analysis and functionality optimization of magnetic systems for an early error detection. A comprehensive and adaptable software is given to the user as a solid base to perform diverse analyses and measurements.

The system provides analyses for: magnetized and nonmagnetized permanent magnets, magnetic encoders, electrical steel, construction steel and stainless steel, variations in structure due to heat input or deformation, investigations of magnetic security tags as well as serial numbers on vehicles and weapons. With the help of a yoke a magnetic field may be induced for a better visualization of the structures of a sample. The cmos-magview system can be integrated into your production environment without difficulty.

cmos-magview 3D visualization 1

cmos-magview 3D visualization example 1

cmos-magview 3D visualization 2

cmos-magview 3D visualization example 2



  • Use of the Faraday Effect within the magneto-optical sensor: (magnetic field dependent rotation of the polarization plane of linearly polarized light)
  • Visualization of the change in polarization behind a second polarizer
  • Recording of the magneto-optical image with a high resolution digital camera
  • Use of proven image evaluation algorithms to efficiently analyze the two-dimensional magnetic field information

Technical features

  • Magnetic field viewing and measurement device
  • Analysis of polarity, homogeneity, distribution of the magnetic material, magnetization properties
  • Measurement time: 1 Second
  • Sensor size: maximum of 45x60 mm
  • Geometrical resolution: maximum of 25 μm (depending on sensor and camera)
  • Software with lifetime management,various features and settings



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