STT-shaft twist tester Documented density of radial shaft sealings!

The demand on a sealing seat vary in dependence on the application. Due to that it is not possible to specify tolerateable and universally valid surface structure parameters for the sealing surfaces of the shaft. The density of a shaft is still determined substantially by the roughness and the waviness of the surface. This function relevant overlapping of roughness and waviness is illustrated in a surface cutting of approx. 2 mm x 2 mm with the help of the optical twist check.


STT-shaft twist tester NK

STT-shaft twist tester NK

STT-shaft twist tester visualization

STT-shaft twist tester visualization


The surface roughness causes a typical scattered light distribution, while surface waviness generates declension stripes in the test picture. With the help of the device STT R100 NK, which is provided with a digital camera, these typical scattered light pictures can be documented photographically. The testing set with the customary digital cameras, which dispose of a change objective adaptor MFT, can be equipped by the use of the standardized bayonet joint Micro-Four-Thirds (MFT).

Through the LCD display of the digital camera the optical twist check occurs in the live picture mode. The taken images can be transfered to a processing unit via USB connection and integrated into a test protocol with the help of provided software. On the basis of the application-specific sealing pattern parts (close, leaking, borderline case) reference-scattered light pictures can be expelled and be used as a comparative pattern for an optical good-bad twist check.


Technical Features:

  • Measuring range: twist period Dp = 20 - 500μm
  • Twist depth: Dt> 200nm *
  • Axial bearing dimension: 15mm
  • Shaft diameter: 5 - 200mm (STT R150 N 300mm)
  • Illumination source: Class 2 laser diode module
  • Power supply: battery 6 volts


Akku-Ladegerät für STT

Optional Accessories

  • Battery charger for STT
  • Charger + 2x battery
  • Voltage (batteries): 3.6 volts (lithium-ion battery)/li>
  • high-quality universal 2-channel charger (no self-discharge and no memory effect thanks to lithium-ion technology)
  • LED status display
  • This item fits the following models: STT NO, STT NK, STT NV




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