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Matesy GmbH - Magnetic Technologies and Systems
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Our core competencies cover the areas of magnetic field visualization and measurement, 3D locating and tracking of magnetic particles, optical structure and profile measurement and twist testing.


Our innovative systems can be used for

magnet testing with the M-axis, the characterization of magnetic systems, the generation of homogeneous magnetic fields with Helmholtz Coils, the visualization of stray fields within the material investigation process and the forensic with magneto-optics, shaft twist testing with the twist tester STT.

We are supplier for magnetic sensor technologies

Fluxgate, AMR, GMR, TMR, Hall and magneto-optical sensors and Fluxmeter as well as high quality magnetic materials, such as permanent magnets (NdFeB, SmCo, ferrite), YIG (bulk and film), BIG and laser-optical functional layers on GGG.

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E|DPC International Electrical Drives Production Conference and Exhibition
   Nuremberg - 30th September - 1st October 2014

glasstec International Trade Fair for Glass Production, Processing and Products
   Düsseldorf - 21st-24th October 2014

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