Solutions for magnetism, magneto-optics and twist testing

Our core com­pet­en­cies cover the areas of mag­netic field visu­al­iz­a­tion and meas­ure­ment, 3D loc­at­ing and track­ing of mag­netic particles, op­tical struc­ture and pro­file meas­ure­ment and twist test­ing.


Measuring and testing devices for visualization and measurement of magnets, magnetic fields, magnetic components and shafts (twist test):

Magnet Measurement & Calibration

Characterization of permanent magnets (mag. mom., remanence, etc.), magnetic field generation and determination of the geometries and magnetic properties of tubular targets and magnetrons.

Magnetic Field Visualization

Our systems generate two-dimensional Images of magnetic fields directly at the sensor plane which can be used for various applications, such as: forensics, quality control and material characterization.

Twist Test

The STT shaft twist tester allows the detection of twist structures on shafts with the help of optical diffraction.

We are sup­plier for mag­netic sensor tech­no­lo­gies

Magneto-Optical Sensors

Highly sensitive magneto-optical sensors form the basis for the visualization of magnetic fields and for the quality control of magnetic materials.

Permanent Magnets

We supply custom premium magnets (NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, AlNiCo), which meet the highest quality and conformity requirements.

YIG films (Yttrium iron garnet)

Single crystalline ferrimagnetic materials such as yttrium iron garnet (YIG) and its isovalent-substituted homologues are used for microwave components due to their very low microwave losses.

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