Mobile analysis of magnetic fields


Magnetic stray flux can be visualized and evaluated via a mobile „magnetic field sensor“. The mageye, Matesys miniaturized magneto-optical USB magnetic field camera, delivers information about the magnetization of the material in high resolution (µm).



The magnetic field camera mageye uses the Faraday effect employing single crystalline materials to visualize magnetic stray flux in real-time. An included software package allows various options to analyse the field distribution.


mageye - manipulierte Seriennummern erkennen
mageye - Magnetfelder sichtbar machen


Magnetic field sensor for the mobile visualization of magnetic fields

A highly sensitive magneto-optical magnetic field sensor enables a regular USB microscope to see magnetic fields. The mageye is the first real magnetic field camera for high-resolution images of the magnetic stray field on different magnetized samples. A USB interface allows the system to be used in almost every surrounding. Moreover, the integration into a software creates diverse evaluation possibilities.

The mageye was developed for the mobile quality inspection and management, and for the stray field visualization of: magnetic stripe cards, magnetic encoders, welding seams, magnetic audio tapes, manipulated serial numbers, as well as dipole and multipole magnets. Furthermore the system can be applied within the forensics, geology and material development.



mageye - Applications


  • Quality control: Analysis of the magnetic material and its magnetic flux distribution, the magnetizability and domain characteristics in electrical plates, the magnetization properties of soft magnetic materials.
  • Forensics: Recovery of serial numbers on chassis and weapons.
  • Geology:: Investigation of minerals and meteorites.
mageye - Functional Principle

Functional Principle

  • Use of the Faraday Effect within the magneto-optical magnetic field sensor: (magnetic field dependent rotation of the polarization plane of linearly polarized light in bismuth substituted YIG)
  • Visualization of the change in polarization behind a second polarizer
  • Recording of the magneto-optical image with a high resolution digital camera
  • Use of proven image evaluation algorithms to efficiently analyze the two-dimensional magnetic field information
mageye - Technical features

Technical features

  • High-resolution magnetic field visualization
  • Fieldrange: 0,01 to 130 kA/m (0,1 to 1.600 Oe)
  • Optical resolution: ~ 10 μm
  • Sensor size: up to 8x8 mm
  • USB 2.0 Interface



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